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Light and Airy for a great filler that looks great for any occasion. 


Works great for an under the sea theme, tight areas, or just to add a little color or a festive atmosphere. 


You order will come with 4 stands to match your decor or event. 

Bubble Strands (4)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All of our helium filled latex balloons include HI-FLOAT !! This allows your helium balloons to party a little bit longer. If it is a long event or requires a long set up time, we recommend mylar helium balloons or an air-filled design. 


    All of our latex balloons are made from premium made TUFTEX biodegradable latex produced in Ohio.  Please inform us of your party / drive-by event time, we like to set up as close as possible to avoid external forces effecting your order. We stand behind our product but cannot guarantee against extreme weather, popping, or other unusual deflating. We make sure all of our instillations are secure, sturdy, and picture perfect before leaving. If weather or external forces may become an issue, please discuss alternate options with us. 


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